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Why I Coach

I have been involved in sports for virtually all of my life. I have always wanted to gain knowledge and understanding of the sports I have enjoyed. Not just the what and how, but the why of sports. This has lead me to question, research, and analyze training and execution in sports. I have developed an intense interest in the the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges of the sports I have been involved with.

My first foray into coaching happened rather randomly when friend asked me to help coach a youth sports team. At first I thought, “I’m not a coach.” After talking more with him and some other friends from the sporting community I began to realize that others viewed me as someone who had knowledge worth sharing and the ability to share it effectively. I agreed and started down a new path. My first experience with coaching was very positive and rewarding and lead me to pursue other coaching opportunities.

Over the years my sports focus changed from team sports to endurance sports. I settled on triathlon. I began coaching triathletes by helping out with a local Kids of Steel program. Again, I found this to be very rewarding. I obtained accreditation so that I could continue to help others achieve their goals.

I find it incredibly rewarding to see people who I have assisted on their journey reach goals and surpass their expectations. I understand how important good coaching is to sports development and I take this responsibility very seriously. I have great gratitude for the opportunity to have such a positive and influential role in other people’s lives.

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