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Workout Motivation

Everyone has days when getting motivated to exercise is difficult. Inertia takes over. Objects at rest tend to stay at rest. How do you motivate yourself when the fires of passion are burning low? Here are a few tips to help you get out the door,

Dress for success

Putting on exercise clothes can be a big help. A friend used to say “Half of life is putting on your shoes”. Getting into proper athletic clothing makes us feel more like exercising and brings the next step that much closer.

Mix it up

Change your workout routine. Adding variety is not only beneficial physically but will also help to keep it fresh and interesting emotionally. Adding new activities to your exercise routine will give you added incentive to work out by help relieve boredom and by adding anticipation.

You’re surrounded

Surround yourself with motivation. Display your goals where you will see them regularly. Think screen saver, fridge door or bathroom mirror. Remind yourself “why I exercise” to help break through the doldrums. Have a program and/or schedule that you follow to keep you on track. Display momentos of past successes.

Oh what a feeling

Exercise makes us feel good. Remembering how good it feels after a workout can go a long way to getting the workout started. There are many physiological and psychological reasons for the feel good effect of exercise. We all have memories of a workout we were going to skip but were glad we didn’t once it was done. Remembering these examples can be helpful for future motivation.

Make it Social

Exercising in a social setting is a huge motivator for most people. We are far more likely to overcome workout apathy when we know others are depending on us to be there. Having a workout partner, training group, or team makes it much less appealing to skip out on a workout. This is partly not wanting to let others down, partly not wanting to look bad in the eyes of others, and partly because we are social beings who thrive on contact with others.

Get a coach

A coach can really help with motivation. A good coach will help you set goals and provide a safe, motivational atmosphere where you can achieve those goals. A good coach will give you the gentle nudge you need to get out the door and get moving.

Discover what works for you. Knowing what motivates you will make you a more successful athlete and help you succeed in reaching your goals.

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